DIY is a term used for people creating things for themselves, without having to pay for the actual product or service. DIY became popular with home improvements and repairs because homeowners found that they could save money by doing home improvement projects themselves. Yes, it’s a great way to save money, but is it always a smart idea? Not when it comes to garage door repair. It will be easy to find ways to do it on the internet that will make it look easy, but garage doors are more complex than they appear. Not only can you seriously injure yourself, it might just end up costing more than if you had hired a professional in the first place.

Reasons to Avoid DIY Garage Door Repairs

1. You could make the garage door problem worse. When you’re garage door starts to act up you probably won’t know where to start. You may then make the problem worse and what could have been a simple and inexpensive fix can turn into a costly repair. Someone with no knowledge of garage doors may end causing further damaging to the door, the opener, the valuable in the garage, like your car and stored items.
2. You may end up trying to repair garage door parts that aren’t damaged. As mentioned, homeowners don’t typically have a lot of knowledge in garage door repair. You may not know exactly what needs to be repaired or have the tools to do it correctly. Again, further damages and a waste of time and money.
3. You probably don’t have the right tools to work on garage door. It’s easy to climb the ladder but without the right tools you are not going to get the job done right and cause further damages that will cost you in the long run. Most homeowners do not have the tools required for garage door repair in their garage. Garage door repair is already dangerous enough, add the wrong tools an it’s a recipe for disaster.
4. Garage door springs can be deadly. The springs that make a garage door work can become very dangerous during garage door repairs. These springs are tightly wound and therefore under a lot of tension. If a spring happens to break during repair, it can cause broken pieces to go flying and if incorrect springs are installed it can cause further damage and injury.
5. You may end up with a collapsed garage door. Garage doors are very heavy with most weighing 200 and 500 pounds. This is the reason we use a machine to open and close it. If you attempt DIY garage door repair, you may end having a heavy door coming off the tracks and create a dangerous situation to anything below it. You will then have to deal with damaged items, injuries and a new door because you wanted to do it yourself.
6. You might fall when attempting to fix garage door. Since garage door repairs are almost always above you, you will need to climb a ladder. Little to no knowledge, incorrect equipment and a ladder may have falling onto a concrete floor.

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Garage door repairs should be left to trained professionals. They have the knowledge, training and tools to make sure your garage door is repaired correctly and safely. Contact the professionals at Mr Garage Door Repair Service today!