People recognize the garage door is the largest moving component of the home. For people who use the garage as the intended purpose, the garage is frequently opened and closed multiple times a day with the leaving and returning to your abode. As a primary point of entry, it is essential the garage door is properly maintained. With your own efforts, professional maintenance is vital. Every year the garage door should be tuned up by a certified professional and every year, preferably six months or so from the tune-up, homeowners should schedule an inspection service as apart of maintenance. An inspection service can be utilized if homeowners expect the garage door is not performing as it should as well. Bearing this in mind, we at Mr Garage Door Repair would like to further expound on garage door inspections.

Garage Door Inspection Checklist

There is a lot that entails an inspection service from an experienced professional. The point of the inspections is to ensure that all of the parts are in ideal condition, the garage door is performing well, and safety measures are in working order. Below are a few of the key points involved in a garage door inspection. While the garage door is closed, a technician will assess the rollers, springs, cables, pulleys, and mounting hardware, such as hinges for example. During the assessment, they will look for any signs of wear and tear, damage, or anything loose. Afterwards, they will open the garage door to ensure performance and double check the previously named parts. The weather stripping, any windows, and panels are inspected and looked for any signs of damage or decay. Panels are assessed for dents and warping along with abnormalities as well as any faulty performance during the operation of the garage door.

Garage Door Testing & Balancing Procedure

A certified garage door expert will continue on with the inspection and will close the garage door and disconnect the automatic opener. This is will call for the inspector to manually open the garage door, during the exercise, they look for slight resistance and a smooth function. Additionally, the inspector will ensure the garage door will remain open during this inspection portion. The garage door may be out of balanced if the door does not remain open, or the garage door did not manually open smoothly and had too much resistance.

Garage Door Safety Inspection

In the event something crosses the safety beam while the garage door is closing, the automatic garage doors have been legally obligated to incorporate a door reversal as a safety feature to prevent damage and injury. During your garage door inspection, your professional will perform a test to make certain the safety measures are fully functioning. Additionally, the photo electric eye is thoroughly inspected and tested for safe performance.

Garage Door Opener Inspection

Professionals will thoroughly check the garage door opener system and run diagnostics to ensure efficiency as well the electrical system for signs of damage during your garage door inspection.

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When you are due for a garage door inspection, call in the experts of Mr Garage Door Repair and let our professionals give your garage door a thorough inspection service.