Maintenance of your garage door must be done on a regular basis to maintain proper functioning. The following items are the primary concerns.

Garage Door Preventive Maintenance

Apply Garage Door Lubricant: Noisy door? You need to lubricate the door. WD-40 may be the maintenance man’s product choice but for garage doors it is not recommended. A good lithium or silicone spray is the lubricant of choice for garage door parts. The opener top chain rail, all the stems and hinges as well as the roller need of shot of lube to make them work smoothly and quieter. Avoid spraying the chain directly as well as the lower chain rail, springs and track.
Garage Door Tracks: Remember oils and lubricants can also attract dirt. Oil in the tracks will cause a build up of unwanted deposits. The tracks need to be cleaned thoroughly. Wipe down the inside of the track with a damp cloth, then dry with a dry cloth. Stick residue on the track can be cleaned with WD-40.
Garage Door Seals: Weather seals are to keep weather out of the garage. Deteriorated seals will do little to prevent dirt and debris outside. The primary culprit is moisture from rain. Seals are located at the bottom edge of the door and between the door panels and door frame.
Garage Door Sensors: The modern garage door has mechanisms to prevent closure of on children and other persons and pets. But the sensor must be inline. Realignment is a matter of pushing the sensors in the right direction. They need to face each other. A blinking light indicator on the opener when steady on will indicate when alignment has been achieved.
Test Garage Door Opener: The opener must operate correctly. Closing doors that reopen and stop before closure are indicative of the need to reset the opener. Most doors openers come with reset instructions.
Replace Garage Door Parts as Needed: If your door has a lot of plastic elements, window frames and transparent plastic windows and other decorative elements these will need replacing as they oxidize and deteriorate with exposure to the sun. With the intense light experienced in the southwest experience has shown that these will go sometime in the first 10 years after installation.

Other Garage Door Maintenance Tips

Another consideration is that as with all things mechanical they tend to wear out. Wear is accelerated absent proper maintenance. Lubrication is a major issue and absent can lead to premature failure. Some components like roller and even hinges may need replacement. The springs that act as counter weights will sometime fail. These should only be serviced by a professional. These can be dangerous to the uninitiated. Other failure or wear components are the cables attaching the door and springs. Worn rollers and hinges are the other points of failure encountered in the normal operation of the door. Tracks can be a problem if you use your door daily. Opener burnout is also a problem and replacement are best tackled by the professional.

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