Often underappreciated and neglected, the garage door is one of the most essential elements of the home. The garage door provides you and your family an extra level of safety and convenience in addition to the boost in curb appeal. As we use our garage door multiple times a day, more and more wear occurs than we might think. When the garage door stops working, only then do we realize how much we take them for granted. Being that garage doors are a complex mechanism and when any of them fail, no matter how minuscule, the performance of the garage door is compromised. Today, we at Mr Garage Door Repair Service would like to discuss why the garage door is opening on its own.

Garage Door Opener Frequency Interference

To open and close, the garage door uses radio frequencies. The openers and the garage door itself must be on the same frequency, no matter if you use a passcode entry, the buttons inside the garage, or your remote opener. Other things, such as police radios, CB radios, and your neighbors garage door opener use the same frequencies. Your neighbors may be causing your garage door to open on its own if they should be coincidentally programmed to the same channel. So, when the neighbor uses their remote, it might be triggering your garage door opener too. If this is the issue, the fix is easy and a pro can reprogram the opener for you.

Garage Door Sensor Alignment

With the convenience the electric garage door offers, there are many things about the garage door that can get faulty, including the safety features. To ensure nothing gets stuck underneath the door when it closes, the garage doors have sensors near the ground. Be sure to check for any debris the sensor is picking up in the event the door goes up initially on its own after you have closed the door. The garage door will not close should there be anything interfering with sensors or if the garage makes contact with something before touching down. If it continues to open back up after you close it make certain nothing is in the way of the garage door’s decent.

Garage Door Remote Opener Battery

Another issue might be with the remote opener if the garage door opens on its own and its another simple fix. The door may open on its own if the remote opener has a failing battery or it is dirty. The battery may be positioned improperly, or the battery is simply nearly drained. Make sure the battery is properly seated in the chamber if it is fairly new battery, if it is older, change them out and check the garage door to see if the problem is still manifesting.

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When the garage door is not functioning properly or at all, there could be a number of issues that require professionals for safety and efficiency. If the garage door is disrupting your day-to-day living, call in the experts of Mr Garage Door Repair Service and get the quality repairs and maintenance for your garage door.