There are many parts to a garage door that help to keep it moving. Our garage door is a huge convenience that homeowners use regularly. Many people like to keep their cars parked in the garage and the garage door allows you easy access. You can engage the door and have it lift up simply by pressing a button. The button is on a remote clicker that can be kept in your car making the access to the house even easier. When you park in the garage you can get out of your car in the safety of your own space. It also is great at keeping your vehicle out of the weather and other damaging elements. When you can’t use the garage because one of the many parts has been damaged or broken it can be a problem. One part of the door that can have a problem that will cause the door to not function right is the photo eye sensor.

Mr Garage Door Repair Service Troubleshoots Common Problems with Your Garage Door Photo Eye Sensor

What is a Garage Door Photo Eye Sensor?: The door is attached to a motor that will lift the door up and down when you need it to. This would lead to children being injured and property being damaged. The door would come down on anything that was in its path and that is why the photo eye sensor was brought about. It is now part of garage doors as a way to keep the door safer for the people that might be crossing when the door is closing. The photo eye sensors are installed at the front of the garage door area about a foot off the ground. They basically create a beam across the garage door that if it broken when the door is trying to close it will stop it and reverse it. You cannot see the beam that it is creating but if you have ever walked through as someone shuts the door you will notice that it will not shut. This is great for kids who might be playing or any property that might be in the path.
Garage Door Photo Eye Sensor Out of Alignment: The sensors are installed with the garage door. They are at a level that they can be bumped into and when that happens they can be hit out of alignment. They are only able to work if they are lined up perfectly across from one another. The line needs to be uninterrupted and that means you need to make sure that if you bump into them they are inspected. This can lead to them not working correctly and your door will not shut. You want to see if you can readjust them and if that does not work it is best to call out a professional.
Damaged Garage Door Photo Eye Sensor: The other problem can simply be that the photo eye sensor has been damaged or it is old and needs to be replaced. Just like anything that is used over time it will wear out and will need to be replaced. You want to make sure that you have yours replaced by a professional when this occurs to make sure that your garage door remains safe.

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