When you open your garage door it should roll up or down and do so with ease. The door was manufactured to be used without causing a lot of noise and movement. This will only happen if the door is in good shape and the door is not damaged. There are lots of questions that people have about their garage door and what to do to make sure that it is working right. The door can become a hazard if you start to notice that it is making noise or it is not running smoothly. A complaint that is common is that when the door is opening or it is closing the door seems to be jerky or shaky. The door should not be shaky as it goes up or down unless there is a problem. You want to make sure that you know what the problem could be.

Mr Garage Door Repair Service Outlines Why Garage Door has a Shaky, Rough Opening & Closing

Unbalanced Garage Door: When the door was installed at your house it should have been done by a professional. The reason is that the door has to be balanced out just right in order for it to move smoothly. When the door is not installed correctly and is off balance it will shake and jerk as it is trying to move up and down the channels. You want to make sure that if the door is shaking that you have it looked at to be sure that there is not a problem with balance. A professional can come out and balance the door and make sure that it is balanced and repaired.
Broken Garage Door Hinges: Another reason that the door would be shaking or jerking is from the hinges. The door has several parts and they are installed and attached to each other by metal hinges. The hinges all need to be in good shape and working well or the door will not be able to move smoothly. The hinge can be bent or broken and will cause the door to shake as it tries to move and roll. The hinges can be replaced or repaired to get your door moving smooth again.
Bending Garage Door Rollers: The door is attached to some rollers that are used to keep the door in position as it rolls from the ground up. The rollers are attached to the outside of the door and are supposed to smoothly glide through the channels that are installed. When they are broken, damaged or they are not lubricated it can lead to the door not moving smoothly. It can cause the door to shift back and forth and shake which could lead to the door falling off the channels. Then you have a secondary problem and could fall on a car or person. The rollers can be replaced and the channels can be lubricated well so that they can move smooth.

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