For quite a few homeowners, the garage door is the primary door used to enter and exit your home. Being that it is consistently used everyday throughout the day, it is expected for the garage door to endure wear and tear. To manage the performance, overall condition, and longevity, there is care and maintenance the homeowner can do avoid replacing the garage door all too soon. With that in mind, we at Mr Garage Door Repair Service in Henderson, NV would like to offer some suggestions to help you extend the lifespan of your garage door.

How Long Do Garage Doors Last? How Do I Extend this Useful Life?

The average life span of a garage door is about thirty years if you take care of properly which includes regular maintenance. Following are some helpful tips to extend the life of your garage door.
1) Maintain Garage Door Finish. The garage doors finish serves multiple purposes. The obvious is to enhance the aesthetics, the other is to protect the raw material of the panels from climate and elements. If the finish is worn or damaged, the panels are left vulnerable and subject to additional damage and accelerating the deterioration, which can also spread to other components. Keeping the finish fresh and intact is an essential effort. Below are the common finishes for your garage door.
Stain. Typically applied to wooden garage doors, the stain offers protection to the otherwise very porous material. Moisture is especially bad for wood doors as they absorb the dampness, it causes the wood to warp, rot and even mold. A lacquer designed to resist moisture and protect against the UV rays can preserve the wood door.
Paint. Eventually, paint deteriorates, causing it to chip, peel, or wear off. Periodically, a fresh coat should be applied that is manufactured for exterior use and specific to your region’s climate and common weather conditions. Paint can be applied to most garage door types and it will offer more protection. It is recommended that garage doors get a fresh coat every other year. Additionally, this maintenance can also help homeowners update the look of their home with the latest trends.
Powder coating. To reduce the chemical films that settle onto the surface, it is important that the plastic coating is cleaned periodically.
2) Prevent Garage Door Panel Damage. Should the area you live in be prone to having excessively high winds, like in the Vegas Valley, ensure to invest in a strong grade of resistance to the high wind resistant panels; as high wind damage can destroy the garage door’s paneling. Avoid allowing sports activities and physical games in close proximity to the garage doors as they can lead to dents.
3) Care for the Moving Garage Door Parts. Routinely inspect the garage door’s components or hire a pro more frequently to perform inspections. If any hardware is loose, tighten them, ensure the necessary areas are properly lubed, check you manual, keep the tracks cleaned, and look for signs of damage on the garage door. If necessary, call professional for repairs and replacements for missing or damaged parts.
4) Schedule Regular Professional Garage Door Maintenance. Be sure to diligently perform the maintenance tasks homeowners can readily do or that you are comfortable with the responsibility. Schedule professional tune-ups and maintenance services every 6-12 months to keep your garage door’s performance and overall health.

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With these steps, you will have many benefits including the potentially longer lifespan of your garage door, that include performance, and overall condition. For any repairs or maintenance services, call Mr Garage Door Repair Service in Henderson, NV and let us help with your services.