In cities where there is extremely cold weather homeowners may be thinking about whether or not garage door insulation would help keep their homes warm. Here in Las Vegas we are not as concerned about keeping the cold out in the winter as much as we are about keeping the warm out during the summer. Have you ever thought about insulating your garage door or upgrading to an insulated garage door? There are many reasons that you may want to consider insulating your garage door. Today Mr Garage Door Repair Service wants to talk to you about some of the reasons that you may want to consider it for your home.

Save Energy with an Insulated Garage Door

Insulated garage doors will keep the hot air from entering your cool home during the summer. Studies have shown that replacing your uninsulated garage door with an insulated garage door can reduce cold air loss through the garage by 70% percent or more. The less hot air that comes into your home during those warm summer months the cheaper it will be to keep your house cool. Any amount of energy that you can save will help keep your utility bills lower.

Insulating Garage Doors Helps Extend Battery Life

Car batteries are the most reliable when they are between 30 and 90 degrees. If you have an insulated garage door you are able to keep the temperature in your garage at a level for your battery to work better and last longer. This is helpful in both the summer and winter months where temperatures are above or below the recommended temperature for car batteries.

Garage Door Insulation Assists in Protecting Tools

In addition to ruining your car battery severe weather can also damage any tools or appliances that you may have stored in your garage. Any tools that have water or fuel inside of them can be ruined by extremely hot or extremely cold temperatures. Keeping the temperature more even with an insulated garage door will help your expensive tools and appliances from getting ruined.

Garage Door Insulation is Effective & Durable

When your garage door is insulated it is also more durable. They are constructed differently than garage doors without insulation. The way that they are built when they add insulation makes them more durable.

Noise Reduction of Insulated Garage Doors

Many older garage door openers are not insulated. They can make loud, jerking noises as they go up and down. This is typically due to parts of the garage door needing some maintenance. Some maintenance can solve many of these noises but all garage doors still make noises. The insulation that is added to the garage door can help reduce the noise you hear in the house from the garage door. If you have a bedroom next to the garage or above the garage the people that reside in those rooms will be especially grateful that the noise level goes down when you install an insulated garage door.

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If you are interested in replacing your garage door with an insulated garage door give Mr Garage Door Repair Service a call. We can send a technician out to discuss your options with you and help you select the best garage door for your needs. Contact us today!