The start of a new year comes with lots of new ideas for improvement. Have you considered a new garage door? When garage doors are installed, they are fitted with the rails that were designed for that specific door. In fact, every garage door manufactured comes with its own set of tracks. Some companies will manufacture rails that can be adjusted but are almost never universal. This information tells you that the next time you have a new garage door installed it will be a complete replacement, parts and all. Therefore, to ensure your new garage door works properly it’s recommended to have the entire system overhauled. If the rails aren’t right, it will affect the performance of the new door.

How Do Garage Door Rails Affect Garage Door Performance?

Improper spacing. Sometimes garage doors are improperly installed. If so, it will affect how your door opens and closes. The door will most likely hit something as it closes, or it will jam when you try to open it. Not only is this very irritating, it is not safe. The rails can be repositioned, but it’s better to have the rails replaced with new ones that are designed for your door. If the garage is reaching the end of its lifespan it’s best to get a new one and replace the system entirely.
Garage door fails for no reason. Garage doors will fail when door rails are broken. When the rails start to wear down, they can open up, bend, break or even come off the walls. When you notice the door starting to slip, it’s time to take care of the problem. This problem can also be avoided by having garage door maintenance done every year or two. Anytime you notice your garage door slipping it’s a dangerous situation and an accident waiting to happen. Call for maintenance right away.
Noisy garage door. Garage doors make noise, but some noises are not normal. Screeching, scratching and scraping sounds aren’t normal. When you hear these noises it’s an indication that the door rails are in bad shape. When they become worn out or bent the garage door can scrape up against the rails and make these annoying and troubling sounds. Wheels that are misaligned make noise when they rub against metal. When you hear these sounds it’s time to call for maintenance for a possible rail replacement.

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Taking care of your home is an ongoing effort. There are lots of things homeowners can do on their own but when it comes to garage doors it should be left to the professionals. Garage doors can be dangerous and deadly if performed by an untrained homeowner. Worn out rails and an older garage door is a good time to have a brand new residential garage door installation. Contact Mr Garage Door Repair Service for an inspection, repair or replacement. We have a wide range of products and services, from spring and cable replacement, tracks openers and safety features, we can do it all. Give us a call today!