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With the large variety in garage doors to choose from, picking the right one for your home can seem like a daunting task. Not to mention, the garage doors you choose for your home are going to be there for the long haul. You want to make sure you have selected the right one. Mr Garage Door Repair Service is here to talk about some of the different elements that you should consider when in the process of choosing the right garage door for your house.

Choose Your Garage Door Design

Unlike the past, there are several garage door options to choose from today. You used to have two choices: a white door or an almond door. Now you can choose a contemporary aluminum, carriage house, classic steel, and more. The style of your garage door is going to have a great impact on the overall appearance of your home. Aside from the style of your garage door, you can choose from a wide variety of colors and stains as well to compliment the exterior of your house.

Pros & Cons to Garage Door Materials

There are four materials that are most commonly chosen for residential garage doors: wood, steel, vinyl and aluminum. Wood is going to be a much higher maintenance garage door since it needs to be stained and sealed on a regular basis. It will also be considerably heavier than the other options. Steel doors are far less maintenance, and offer a high amount of durability. If you are looking for a nearly maintenance free door, vinyl is probably your best bet. Contemporary aluminum doors have more glass and color choices, but they aren’t as insulated which make them a less popular choice in areas that have extreme weather.

Garage Door Insulation is Effective

When you live in an area like Vegas, you need to have insulation in your garage door to insure you aren’t loosing cool air through the garage door. With the high cost of energy, no one can afford to lost that expensive air. Garage doors are given an R value to let you know how well insulated they are. The higher the R value, the better the insulation is on that door. There are also two types of insulation used in garage doors: polystyrene and foamed-in place polystyrene. Foamed in place insulation will have a higher R rating than regular polystyrene.

Garage Door Cost Budget

A good rule of thumb when choosing your garage door is to choose an option that is about 1% of the overall value of your home. You may be surprised at how affordable garage doors actually are. Another consideration that you should make is the fact that the garage door you choose will be on your home for a long time. Most people only buy two garage doors in their lifetime, so choose wisely.

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No matter which garage door you choose, you need to have the right company perform maintenance and repairs on it. At Mr Garage Door Repair Services, we provide you with superior garage door services that will help extend the life of your garage door. Call us today!

Insulation is generally used behind the walls and in unfinished attic spaces. It helps your home retain ideal temperatures inside and lessens the invasions of sounds. With these primary reasons to having insulation, it only makes sense it extends to the garage. There are those that do not find the garage door’s insulation to be an issue, as it is the most underdeveloped and by extension uncomfortable room in the house, and few make it a practice so have a lot of time in the garage, especially living in the Vegas Desert. However, the garage door’s insulation is more helpful that you may suppose and support the overall well-being of your home. Below, we at Mr Garage Door Repair Service would like to list the reasons why you want to have the garage door insulated.

An Attached Garage is Part of the House

Throughout the Vegas Valley, the majority of homes have the garage designed as part of the house, it is not a separate unit that stores your car. As an additional room, it can be more than just a place to harbor your vehicle, but it can serve as a hobby room, workout room, man-cave, and so much more. When you spend more time in the garage, you want to increase comfort.

Increased Climate Control in Garage

As your adjacent rooms will not have to deal with internal temperature changes from the garage, the garage door insulated will improve the regulation of your home’s temperature better. In the event you have a room located above your garage, the insulation will be especially beneficial as the garage is now properly fitted to prevent the loss of air.

Protection for Garage Contents

To protect your belongings from humidity and extensive temperature changes better, particularly if you tend to use the garage as a localized storage area, the insulation can provide better climate protection.

Carbon Monoxide Protection

Carbon monoxide fumes is stopped from seeping into your home with the assistance of well-insulated garage doors and quality weather stripping. Installing a carbon monoxide detector close to your garage access door is a good idea if you have an attached garage.

Garage Door Insulation is Essential

If the garage walls are already nicely insulated, too many people forget the need for the garage door. As it is the largest opening of your house, the insulated garage door can regulate your garage’s temperature properly because without the insulation in the garage door, the internal temperatures cannot be regulated.

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There are many factors to consider when you need to replace the garage door. One of the priorities is to increase the efficiency of your home’s HVAC system. This can be achieved by including quality garage door insulation. When it comes time for a garage door replacement, the specialists at Mr Garage Door Repair Service can help you find the right garage door perfect for your needs, your home’s style, and your budget. We can make sure it is also properly installed and well-maintained with our maintenance services. Call Mr Garage Door Repair Service today to learn more.

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