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When you open your garage door it should roll up or down and do so with ease. The door was manufactured to be used without causing a lot of noise and movement. This will only happen if the door is in good shape and the door is not damaged. There are lots of questions that people have about their garage door and what to do to make sure that it is working right. The door can become a hazard if you start to notice that it is making noise or it is not running smoothly. A complaint that is common is that when the door is opening or it is closing the door seems to be jerky or shaky. The door should not be shaky as it goes up or down unless there is a problem. You want to make sure that you know what the problem could be.

Mr Garage Door Repair Service Outlines Why Garage Door has a Shaky, Rough Opening & Closing

Unbalanced Garage Door: When the door was installed at your house it should have been done by a professional. The reason is that the door has to be balanced out just right in order for it to move smoothly. When the door is not installed correctly and is off balance it will shake and jerk as it is trying to move up and down the channels. You want to make sure that if the door is shaking that you have it looked at to be sure that there is not a problem with balance. A professional can come out and balance the door and make sure that it is balanced and repaired.
Broken Garage Door Hinges: Another reason that the door would be shaking or jerking is from the hinges. The door has several parts and they are installed and attached to each other by metal hinges. The hinges all need to be in good shape and working well or the door will not be able to move smoothly. The hinge can be bent or broken and will cause the door to shake as it tries to move and roll. The hinges can be replaced or repaired to get your door moving smooth again.
Bending Garage Door Rollers: The door is attached to some rollers that are used to keep the door in position as it rolls from the ground up. The rollers are attached to the outside of the door and are supposed to smoothly glide through the channels that are installed. When they are broken, damaged or they are not lubricated it can lead to the door not moving smoothly. It can cause the door to shift back and forth and shake which could lead to the door falling off the channels. Then you have a secondary problem and could fall on a car or person. The rollers can be replaced and the channels can be lubricated well so that they can move smooth.

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DIY is a term used for people creating things for themselves, without having to pay for the actual product or service. DIY became popular with home improvements and repairs because homeowners found that they could save money by doing home improvement projects themselves. Yes, it’s a great way to save money, but is it always a smart idea? Not when it comes to garage door repair. It will be easy to find ways to do it on the internet that will make it look easy, but garage doors are more complex than they appear. Not only can you seriously injure yourself, it might just end up costing more than if you had hired a professional in the first place.

Reasons to Avoid DIY Garage Door Repairs

1. You could make the garage door problem worse. When you’re garage door starts to act up you probably won’t know where to start. You may then make the problem worse and what could have been a simple and inexpensive fix can turn into a costly repair. Someone with no knowledge of garage doors may end causing further damaging to the door, the opener, the valuable in the garage, like your car and stored items.
2. You may end up trying to repair garage door parts that aren’t damaged. As mentioned, homeowners don’t typically have a lot of knowledge in garage door repair. You may not know exactly what needs to be repaired or have the tools to do it correctly. Again, further damages and a waste of time and money.
3. You probably don’t have the right tools to work on garage door. It’s easy to climb the ladder but without the right tools you are not going to get the job done right and cause further damages that will cost you in the long run. Most homeowners do not have the tools required for garage door repair in their garage. Garage door repair is already dangerous enough, add the wrong tools an it’s a recipe for disaster.
4. Garage door springs can be deadly. The springs that make a garage door work can become very dangerous during garage door repairs. These springs are tightly wound and therefore under a lot of tension. If a spring happens to break during repair, it can cause broken pieces to go flying and if incorrect springs are installed it can cause further damage and injury.
5. You may end up with a collapsed garage door. Garage doors are very heavy with most weighing 200 and 500 pounds. This is the reason we use a machine to open and close it. If you attempt DIY garage door repair, you may end having a heavy door coming off the tracks and create a dangerous situation to anything below it. You will then have to deal with damaged items, injuries and a new door because you wanted to do it yourself.
6. You might fall when attempting to fix garage door. Since garage door repairs are almost always above you, you will need to climb a ladder. Little to no knowledge, incorrect equipment and a ladder may have falling onto a concrete floor.

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Garage door repairs should be left to trained professionals. They have the knowledge, training and tools to make sure your garage door is repaired correctly and safely. Contact the professionals at Mr Garage Door Repair Service today!

People recognize the garage door is the largest moving component of the home. For people who use the garage as the intended purpose, the garage is frequently opened and closed multiple times a day with the leaving and returning to your abode. As a primary point of entry, it is essential the garage door is properly maintained. With your own efforts, professional maintenance is vital. Every year the garage door should be tuned up by a certified professional and every year, preferably six months or so from the tune-up, homeowners should schedule an inspection service as apart of maintenance. An inspection service can be utilized if homeowners expect the garage door is not performing as it should as well. Bearing this in mind, we at Mr Garage Door Repair would like to further expound on garage door inspections.

Garage Door Inspection Checklist

There is a lot that entails an inspection service from an experienced professional. The point of the inspections is to ensure that all of the parts are in ideal condition, the garage door is performing well, and safety measures are in working order. Below are a few of the key points involved in a garage door inspection. While the garage door is closed, a technician will assess the rollers, springs, cables, pulleys, and mounting hardware, such as hinges for example. During the assessment, they will look for any signs of wear and tear, damage, or anything loose. Afterwards, they will open the garage door to ensure performance and double check the previously named parts. The weather stripping, any windows, and panels are inspected and looked for any signs of damage or decay. Panels are assessed for dents and warping along with abnormalities as well as any faulty performance during the operation of the garage door.

Garage Door Testing & Balancing Procedure

A certified garage door expert will continue on with the inspection and will close the garage door and disconnect the automatic opener. This is will call for the inspector to manually open the garage door, during the exercise, they look for slight resistance and a smooth function. Additionally, the inspector will ensure the garage door will remain open during this inspection portion. The garage door may be out of balanced if the door does not remain open, or the garage door did not manually open smoothly and had too much resistance.

Garage Door Safety Inspection

In the event something crosses the safety beam while the garage door is closing, the automatic garage doors have been legally obligated to incorporate a door reversal as a safety feature to prevent damage and injury. During your garage door inspection, your professional will perform a test to make certain the safety measures are fully functioning. Additionally, the photo electric eye is thoroughly inspected and tested for safe performance.

Garage Door Opener Inspection

Professionals will thoroughly check the garage door opener system and run diagnostics to ensure efficiency as well the electrical system for signs of damage during your garage door inspection.

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When you are due for a garage door inspection, call in the experts of Mr Garage Door Repair and let our professionals give your garage door a thorough inspection service.

Maintenance of your garage door must be done on a regular basis to maintain proper functioning. The following items are the primary concerns.

Garage Door Preventive Maintenance

Apply Garage Door Lubricant: Noisy door? You need to lubricate the door. WD-40 may be the maintenance man’s product choice but for garage doors it is not recommended. A good lithium or silicone spray is the lubricant of choice for garage door parts. The opener top chain rail, all the stems and hinges as well as the roller need of shot of lube to make them work smoothly and quieter. Avoid spraying the chain directly as well as the lower chain rail, springs and track.
Garage Door Tracks: Remember oils and lubricants can also attract dirt. Oil in the tracks will cause a build up of unwanted deposits. The tracks need to be cleaned thoroughly. Wipe down the inside of the track with a damp cloth, then dry with a dry cloth. Stick residue on the track can be cleaned with WD-40.
Garage Door Seals: Weather seals are to keep weather out of the garage. Deteriorated seals will do little to prevent dirt and debris outside. The primary culprit is moisture from rain. Seals are located at the bottom edge of the door and between the door panels and door frame.
Garage Door Sensors: The modern garage door has mechanisms to prevent closure of on children and other persons and pets. But the sensor must be inline. Realignment is a matter of pushing the sensors in the right direction. They need to face each other. A blinking light indicator on the opener when steady on will indicate when alignment has been achieved.
Test Garage Door Opener: The opener must operate correctly. Closing doors that reopen and stop before closure are indicative of the need to reset the opener. Most doors openers come with reset instructions.
Replace Garage Door Parts as Needed: If your door has a lot of plastic elements, window frames and transparent plastic windows and other decorative elements these will need replacing as they oxidize and deteriorate with exposure to the sun. With the intense light experienced in the southwest experience has shown that these will go sometime in the first 10 years after installation.

Other Garage Door Maintenance Tips

Another consideration is that as with all things mechanical they tend to wear out. Wear is accelerated absent proper maintenance. Lubrication is a major issue and absent can lead to premature failure. Some components like roller and even hinges may need replacement. The springs that act as counter weights will sometime fail. These should only be serviced by a professional. These can be dangerous to the uninitiated. Other failure or wear components are the cables attaching the door and springs. Worn rollers and hinges are the other points of failure encountered in the normal operation of the door. Tracks can be a problem if you use your door daily. Opener burnout is also a problem and replacement are best tackled by the professional.

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Even ardent DIYers need to sometimes call in the professional operator. Experience is accumulated from a daily exposure to the profession from repair to installation. Mr Garage Door Repair Service is standing by to meet all your residential garage door needs.

You want to make sure that if you anything with moving parts you take good care of them. When it comes to your home you have a garage door that is a massive moving object. If you want to enjoy using the garage door to park your car or to get in and out of your house it is important to properly maintain it. The door works well until there is a problem or a part that has been damaged or if the moving parts seize up. That is why you want to keep a close eye on the door and the parts that help it to move. The moving parts are very important because if they don’t work the door will not be able to move.

Mr Garage Door Repair Service Lists What Garage Door Parts Need Lubrication Maintenance

Garage Door Hinges: When you are looking at your garage door most people have a paneled door. That means that there are panels that make up the look of the door. There will be gaps between each of the pieces that is very slight. The great thing about this type of door is that it can open without using too much space. That does mean that it needs to be held together with hinges. The panels will each have several hinges that hold it to the panel on either side. The hinges are there to allow the panels to shift when it rolls up. That is why you want to make sure that the hinges are kept lubricated to allow them to move well.
Garage Door Chain: Regular maintenance of a chain driven garage door opener includes lubricating the chain and greasing the chain rail. It’s important to know the correct type of lubricant for the chain and grease for the rail as spray lubricants often attract dust and contain solvents that break down grease on the rail. Also using too much grease on the rail builds up and can result in dripping on your car and/or the garage floor.
Garage Door Rollers: When you open the door you click a button on your remote. Then door will start to open or close as long as the moving parts are working. One of the aspects of the door moving are the rollers. The rollers are attached at either side of the door along the edge of the panel. The rollers should be moving along a track and they need to be able to rotate. That is why it is a good idea to add lubrication to the rollers as well.
Garage Door Tracks: The rollers will only work if they are able to move through the tracks. The tracks are part of the system that will allow the door to open and close. The tracks need to be kept clean of debris but it is also a good idea to have them lubricated as well. This will make sure that the rollers have a nice sleek path to travel along. The lubrication is part of what the track needs as well as level and balance.

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If you are concerned about the best way to lubricate your garage door and maintain it you want to call out a professional. Mr Garage Door Repair Service can to come out and inspect for damage that needs to be repaired as well as do the lubrication as part of the maintenance. to ensure your garage door is working efficiently. Call our office today!

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