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The garage door on your house makes it so that you can gain access to your garage and home through an automated door. The garage door has come a long way from needing to move it up and down manually to being motorized. The motor allows you the opportunity to open and close the garage door with the click of a button. You want to make sure you know what can go wrong with the door and what you can do about it. The great thing is that most garage doors and their motors are easy to maintain and care for. There is not a lot that is needed to keep them working well but there are areas that may need your attention from time to time. The garage door is intended to open and close with ease and not to cause too much disruption. One of the issues that you might come across is that the door is not closing or opening evenly and you can see that one side is coming down faster than the other. Mr Garage Door Repair Service outlines what may be causing your garage door to come down unevenly.

Broken Garage Door Springs

When you are closing the garage door down and you notice that one side seems to hit the ground sooner than the other it is a sign of damage. One of the things that will cause your door to come down uneven is when there is a problem with the springs. Most doors have two springs that are set on either side and they should be tight and uniform. When one of the springs come loose or they are broken they can cause the door to come down uneven. The weight is not being distributed properly and that is causing one side to sag down lower than the other. The great thing is that the springs can be repaired by replacing them. You want to talk to a professional about the spring replacement because the majority of the time it is best to do both at the same time. That way they are wearing at the same rate and at the same pace. If one broke the other is not too far behind.

Damaged Garage Door Channels & Rollers

The door has a series of round rollers that are attached to the panels. These rollers are meant to smoothly run through the metal channels that are hung on either side of the garage. These all need to be in good shape and remain clear so that they can move. If there is a roller that has come loose or a channel that is broken it will not have a clear path for the door. That will lead to the door coming down uneven. You want to have your door looked at repaired by a professional.

Broken Garage Door Hinges

The other reason that your door can come down uneven is when the hinges are broken or damaged. There are hinges that are holding each of the panels together and secure them one to another. They also allow the flexion that is needed for the door to roll up and down. When a hinge is damaged or gone it will not hold the panels together and that will cause it to hang uneven.

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