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Many homeowners don’t realize how much they use their garage doors and openers until they aren’t working as they should. When you are faced with a garage door that isn’t working right, you would do anything to get it back up and running. This is when most homeowners wish they would have maintained their garage doors better. Mr Garage Door Repair Service is here to talk about why it is so important that you have your garage door properly maintained.

Benefits That Come From Garage Door Maintenance

There are many ways that you and your garage door can benefit from having regular maintenance performed on your garage door. Following are some of the major benefits you will see:
Garage Door Safety: Because your garage door is so large and it takes so much power to open and close it, the components that do this should be maintained regularly. When these working parts fail, they can cause injury to you and those that you love. When you have your garage door inspected and minor repairs are done, you don’t have to worry about these accidents happening.
Garage Door Savings: Just like anything else, if you wait until the garage door is actually broken, you could be facing high cost repairs. If you notice that your garage door isn’t acting as it normally should, or is making strange sounds as it operates, it may be time to call on a professional to check it out. That way, repairs can be done before you are facing high cost repairs later.
Garage Door Security: If you are like most people, there are some expensive belongings that you store in your garage. The only way to ensure these belongings are safe is with a properly working garage door and garage door security.
Garage Door Aesthetics: Your garage door has a large effect on the value of your home. When your garage door isn’t working as it should or is slowly showing signs of wear and tear, it can bring down the overall value of your home.

Garage Door Tune Up Checklist

When it comes to having your garage door maintained, you want to know that you are getting a thorough inspection completed each time. When you have your garage door inspected and maintained by trained professionals, you will see that you can extend the life of your garage door and garage door opener. Here is what you can expect when you rely on the experts at Mr Garage Door Repair Service to handle your garage door maintenance.
– Pulley, cable and roller lubrication
– Tighten nuts & bolts
– Spring adjustments
– Tighten chain
– Setting limit switches
– Adjust garage door opener
– Lubricate entire drive mechanism

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Don’t wait until you are facing a problem with your garage door before you call on the garage door specialists at Mr Garage Door Repair Services for maintenance. We can help you avoid costly repairs down the road. Call us today!

There is more than one way to move a garage door. Opening and closing heavy doors manually is hard, grunting labor that most of us would rather avoid if possible. And for the elderly it may be impossible. Most modern doors are of the rollup variety and have an opener to do the physical opening and closing of the door at a push of a button.
What are our heavy-lift options?

Jackshaft, Belt Drive & Other Garage Door Openers

• Chain drive is the most common mechanism encountered in urban environments. They are economical and dependable, but what noise. These are loudest drives of the lot. A sprocket attached to a motor turns and raises or lowers the door via the chain dragging the door open. It looks like a bicycle chain.
• Belt drives, work like chain drives but are much quieter. They reduce vibration, have fewer moving parts (less to wear out) but are more expensive representing a higher initial investment.
• Screw drives mount a long screw that is turned by a motor and is reversible. Low maintenance and quiet operation are their forte. Plastic is used to line the tracks and in hot climates they are susceptible to heat damage, leading to premature failure.
• Jackshaft openers are wall mounted and turn the torsion spring bar directly, reducing vibration to the ceiling in multilevel homes and opens the roof area above the tracks for storage.

Garage Door Opener Controls

Controls consist of a remote and wall mounted buttons. Remotes can be operated from inside the car allowing operation of the door without exiting your vehicle and allowing you to drive into the garage and lower the door, all without leaving your car. Wall mounted buttons allow direct control of the unit and are usually mounted next to the door leading from the home’s interior to the garage interior. Door openers can be set up to operate from your smartphone as well as being networkable. However, all things digital they are susceptible to hacking creating a security risk. Your remote’s frequency can be monitored and copied for thieves. A rolling-code opener remote changes the frequency and coding after every use. Leaving for a day or two, you may want to zip tie a metal rod and hook to prevent opening while on vacation.

Garage Door Safety Requirements

Most openers are equipped with an emergency release and lights that turn on during operation providing illumination egress and ingress to the home at night. Some units convert AC to DC current for operation. DC motors generally run a little quieter. Some devices can be disabled during vacation or other extended absences. There are units that have an incorporated battery to enable opening and closing during power failures and are an available option for DC motored openers. Safety features include infrared detectors that project a beam across the doorway. If the beam is interrupted the door will not works until the opening is cleared. This prevents closure on kids, cars and pets that are in the doors path.

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Garage doors can be constructed from metal, wood or composites. Frames are usually steel or aluminum. Rollers tend to be steel as that metal resists wear where aluminum does not. Wood doors require regular maintenance whereas steel is more resistant to the weather. Plastic components tend to get brittle in the heat and cold cycles of summer and winter. A glass pane is subject to breakage, but plastic gets brittle, breaks and discolors with time.
Mr Garage Door Repair Service can handle all your residential garage door needs including openers. Contact us today!

In cities where there is extremely cold weather homeowners may be thinking about whether or not garage door insulation would help keep their homes warm. Here in Las Vegas we are not as concerned about keeping the cold out in the winter as much as we are about keeping the warm out during the summer. Have you ever thought about insulating your garage door or upgrading to an insulated garage door? There are many reasons that you may want to consider insulating your garage door. Today Mr Garage Door Repair Service wants to talk to you about some of the reasons that you may want to consider it for your home.

Save Energy with an Insulated Garage Door

Insulated garage doors will keep the hot air from entering your cool home during the summer. Studies have shown that replacing your uninsulated garage door with an insulated garage door can reduce cold air loss through the garage by 70% percent or more. The less hot air that comes into your home during those warm summer months the cheaper it will be to keep your house cool. Any amount of energy that you can save will help keep your utility bills lower.

Insulating Garage Doors Helps Extend Battery Life

Car batteries are the most reliable when they are between 30 and 90 degrees. If you have an insulated garage door you are able to keep the temperature in your garage at a level for your battery to work better and last longer. This is helpful in both the summer and winter months where temperatures are above or below the recommended temperature for car batteries.

Garage Door Insulation Assists in Protecting Tools

In addition to ruining your car battery severe weather can also damage any tools or appliances that you may have stored in your garage. Any tools that have water or fuel inside of them can be ruined by extremely hot or extremely cold temperatures. Keeping the temperature more even with an insulated garage door will help your expensive tools and appliances from getting ruined.

Garage Door Insulation is Effective & Durable

When your garage door is insulated it is also more durable. They are constructed differently than garage doors without insulation. The way that they are built when they add insulation makes them more durable.

Noise Reduction of Insulated Garage Doors

Many older garage door openers are not insulated. They can make loud, jerking noises as they go up and down. This is typically due to parts of the garage door needing some maintenance. Some maintenance can solve many of these noises but all garage doors still make noises. The insulation that is added to the garage door can help reduce the noise you hear in the house from the garage door. If you have a bedroom next to the garage or above the garage the people that reside in those rooms will be especially grateful that the noise level goes down when you install an insulated garage door.

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If you are interested in replacing your garage door with an insulated garage door give Mr Garage Door Repair Service a call. We can send a technician out to discuss your options with you and help you select the best garage door for your needs. Contact us today!

Garage doors are mechanical devices and need maintenance. If not, they fail to open or fail to close or just come tumbling down. What are you to do, or tell the repairman when you call?

How Do I Know if I Need a New Garage Door Opener or Service

Look at & listen to garage door. First look and listen to your door when operating. Is it smooth or does it jerk? Grinding, scraping or metal on metal screeching probably is not so good. Quiet smooth operation is what you want. Symmetry. Do both sides look the same or on side is sagging putting the door panels at an angle? Not the ideal way your doors should be working.
Check garage door screws are tight. Hinges and rollers need to be checked for tightness and cinched down if need be. No loose screws.
Test garage door balance. Pull the emergence release handle that connects to the opener. Manually open the door. If it doesn’t open just above the halfway mark and stay open the springs are improperly balanced. You need a pro to adjust the springs, they are very dangerous to work on.
Examine garage door rollers. Your door opens and closes perhaps as many times as a 1000 times per year. Parts are going to wear out. The primary support for your door is the rollers. Check ‘em out. Replace those that need it.
Replace weather stripping around garage door. Weather-stripping keeps weather out and controlled environment in. Leaves, twigs, bugs and very hot or cold air can stay on the outside. Seriously though, weather stripping is essential for a properly sealed garage door. It will need changing occasionally.
Lubricate moving parts. All mechanical moving parts require lubrication. And lube doesn’t stay forever, probably should be an annual ritual for worry free operation. They have garage door lube in spray cans and takes just a few minutes to apply. Rollers, screw drives and chains need attention.
Inspect garage door springs. You have high-tension cables that support the door. These cables are connected to the springs that help counter-balance the weight of the door. These are under enough force to maim or kill, they must be kept in good operating condition. No fraying or kinks. Have them replaced by a professional if necessary.
Check garage door auto-reverse system. This protects against the door pinning someone, primarily a child. Two parts. One touchy-feely mechanical part that should reverse the doors if something is in the path of closing door. Test by placing a block in the path of the door, like a cement block. The door should reverse and open on contact. Electronics includes photo cells that prevent operation if something is in the way of the path of the door. Photocells protect against obstacles but require resetting on occasion.
Clean the garage door tracks. The tracks should be kept clear of junk. Leaves, twigs and bird nests.
Inspect garage door panels. The door is a primary component of the system. The articulated panels need inspection. Warping, damage and paint. Steel doors must be checked for any rust. Your door can make up to about a third of your exterior wall’s square footage, they are usually in the front of the house and need to be maintained to help the overall ‘curb appeal’ of the house.

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These are the things you can do. But don’t mess with the springs and tension mechanisms and it usually takes a technician to adjust your door’s tracks. Mr Garage Door Repair Service offers professional garage door services. Contact us to schedule an inspection, tune up, repair, replacement or other service today!

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